Is Gunsmithing A Good Career? 5 Reasons Why It Might Be Right For You – List Foundation (2023)

In a word: yes.
Gunsmithing is a good career for a number of reasons. First, it is a trade that will always be in demand. There will always be a need for gunsmiths as long as there are guns. Second, it is a challenging and interesting trade. Gunsmiths have to know a lot about guns and how they work in order to do their job well. Third, it is a good paying career. Gunsmiths can make a good living doing what they love.
Fourth, gunsmithing is a great way to combine your love of guns with your creativity. Gunsmiths can custom build guns to the specifications of their customers. This allows them to really show off their skills and talents. And fifth, gunsmithing is a great way to help people. Gunsmiths can help people keep their guns in good working order so that they can be used safely and effectively.

Before deciding what to do with a gun, it is a good idea to understand what it is and what it actually entails. The field of firearms smithy entails the design, manufacturing, repair, and restoration of firearms. According to, more than 273 million firearms are owned by Americans. A gunsmith does not need to have a specific education to work as one. A high school degree or equivalent education, as well as some trade training, is required. In addition to training from experienced professionals, one can take part in an apprenticeship program. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gunsmiths earn a salary of $31,910 per year.

When a gunsmith obtains a proper license, he or she has numerous options to choose from. The stock market is dominated by a number of companies, including engraved models, fishers, and stock market firms. A pistol smith can handle both revolvers and pistols. The job of the gun manufacturer is to operate as a small operation, taking advantage of their skills and experience. You must obtain a license in order to work with firearms. Our gunsmiths earn a total of $31,910 per year. Salary may vary depending on the workplace, experience, and abilities of the employees.

A variety of hobbies can be pursued by men and women of all ages. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to practice hitting that bull’s eye.

All of the cases are challenging in and of themselves. There is a lot to learn that some casual observers may not be aware of. The ability to master a wide range of firearm skills is an important asset to a competent gunsmith.

According to Indeed, the average annual salary for gunsmiths in the United States will be $42,351 by January 2022, with salaries varying from state to state. In Louisiana, the average annual salary for a gunsmith is $30,527, while in New York, the average annual salary is $52,078, with cost of living being a factor.

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A gunsmith in the United States can earn more than the national median wage depending on where he or she lives. In comparison to states such as Texas, Pennsylvania, and Montana, New York’s annual salary for a gunsmith ranges from $61,000 to $79,000, while those in other states pay between $61,000 and $79,000.

What Are The Cons Of Being A Gunsmith?

Is Gunsmithing A Good Career? 5 Reasons Why It Might Be Right For You – List Foundation (1)

There are several cons to being a gunsmith. First, it can be a dangerous profession. Second, it can be expensive to get started in the business. Third, it can be difficult to find work as a gunsmith. Fourth, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest technology.

There are 14 advantages and disadvantages to being a firearms licensee. Penn Foster has online courses for Gunsmiths that can be completed in as little as four months. There is no set procedure for learning at your own pace. You can’t take it easy when you’ve worked hard for a long time and earned a lot of money. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, being a gunsmith is a rewarding profession. You can earn money from hobbies while pursuing this career path because you can work part-time or full-time. It is estimated that gunsmiths can earn between $32,000 and $80,000 per year.

Despite its low unemployment rate, the United States’ firearm industry is one of the most profitable and lucrative industries. It is critical to understand that becoming a gunsmith offers a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Although firearm use poses the greatest risk to a person, the weapon itself is not the most dangerous part of the situation. Residue exposure to firearms is highly toxic and harmful to your health. Before you enter the field of firearms, you should consider several advantages and disadvantages. Combining a weekend hobby with a highly rewarding profession can be a lucrative choice, depending on your reputation. Where is the best place to start? Getting a gunsmithing online training program certified should be a first step.

The use of firearms requires the knowledge and skill of a qualified firearm smith. A gun inspector inspects firearms to ensure they are safe, identify potential safety hazards, and make necessary repairs. In addition, antique firearms can be restored to their original condition. It is critical to be able to operate a gun. The firearms smith is an essential part of the firearms industry for the safety and proper operation of firearms. Furthermore, they can be used to restore antique firearms to their original specifications and ensure their reliability. If you want to work in this field, go to a school that offers gunsmithing programs. There are a number of excellent options to choose from, and you will not regret it.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Having Guns?

The cons of firearms ownership are listed below. The presence of a gun in a home is statistically more dangerous than not having a gun in the home. Guns cannot discriminate between criminals and innocent bystanders. In reality, unintentional shootings occur four times more frequently than firearm use in legal home defense situations.

The Unhealthy Reality Of Guns

Are guns unhealthy? However, the answer appears to be a little too complex to comprehend. Some experts consider guns unhealthy because they can be easily manipulated by criminals, whereas others consider them unhealthy because they are a source of metal poisoning.

Are Gunsmiths In Demand?

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, gun sales have been brisk, and gunsmiths are in high demand.

Get Your Gunsmithing Done Before February 22, 2022

Beginning on February 22, 2022, Bungie will stop making gunsmith materials and weapon telemetries. In other words, if you want to modify or upgrade your weapons, you must do so before that date. It is important to remember that the gunsmith is only one component of the experience, and that materials used in it are not the only ones required. As a result, spend your other resources wisely, too.

Gunsmithing Careers

There are many different gunsmithing careers available to those interested in working with firearms. Gunsmiths can specialize in repairing and customizing firearms, manufacturing ammunition, or working as a firearms instructor. There are also many opportunities for gunsmiths to open their own businesses. Gunsmithing is a skilled trade that requires knowledge of firearms and metalworking, and most gunsmiths complete formal training at a vocational school or apprenticeship.

Precision firearm safety and accuracy are paramount for any job that involves firearms. All types of guns are designed and manufactured by firearm enthusiasts, including pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and tactical firearms. Manufacturers use gunsmiths to design safer firearms in order to reduce unintended injuries. Civil War firearms expert John Zimmerman’s most difficult challenge is finding original gun parts.

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The owner of a firearm is in charge of keeping and repairing the firearm, as well as its components and accessories. Given the global proliferation of firearms, the opportunity to earn a good living as a gunsmith is increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average hourly wage for gunsmiths in the United States is $27.39. This is 55% higher than the national average. A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is usually required to become a gunsmith, and you will also need additional education and experience in firearms. In addition to gunsmith schools, there are numerous gunsmith certification programs that can help you get a job as a gunsmith. Many gunsmiths have their own businesses as well. It’s fantastic to have a good living as a gunsmith, with the demand for firearms increasing.

Do Gunsmiths Make Good Money

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the individual gunsmith‘s business model, location, and clientele. That said, it is generally accepted that gunsmiths can make a decent living, particularly if they are able to cater to a high-end market. In general, gunsmiths who are able to command higher prices for their services tend to be those who have invested in their business and who offer a wide range of services.

Firearms enthusiasts who collect antique weapons or participate in sporting events are supported by firearms dealers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for this broad occupational category will be $38,270 by 2020. A gunsmith with little experience may fall into the bottom 10% percentile of gun owners with a median annual salary of less than $26,460. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average gunsmithing salary in the United States was $42,351 per year as of January 2022, with varying wage levels across the country. In Louisiana, a gunsmith makes $30,527 per year, while in New York, a gunsmith makes $52,078. Quality gunsmiths will continue to thrive due to the demand for their services.

In Texas, gunsmiths are in high demand, which is reflected in the average salary. A gunsmith can work in a variety of settings, including small towns and big cities. It is possible for experienced and skilled gunsmiths to make a good living in Texas.

Gunsmithing Salary

There is no definitive answer when it comes to gunsmithing salary. This is largely because gunsmiths can be self-employed or work for a variety of different employers, meaning that their salary can vary greatly. However, according to the website, the median salary for a gunsmith is $39,849 per year.

According to the most recent data, the average Gunsmith salary will be $38,500 in November 2022. ZipRecruiter is estimated to have generated revenue of $21,000%2 There is a $28,000-29,999,499,11% price difference. The bottom 90% of earners earn $45,500 and $48,9996%, while the top 90% earn $52,000 and $143,999%. This is an outlier in comparison to other types of salaries. The monthly cost ranges from $1,750 to $3,179. There were 471,547 jobs in total. The average wage for a worker in the 25th percentile is $732 per week, and the average wage in the 25th percentile is $605.

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ZipRecruiter reports that some Gunsmith jobs can earn as much as $59,500 per year and others can earn as little as $21,000. The top earners (90th percentile) earn an average of $52,000 per year in the United States. In your area, the average annual salary for a gunsmith is $41,988, which is $3,829 higher than the national average. The town of Green River, Wyoming comes out on top, followed by Atkinson, North Dakota, and San Francisco, California. Green River’s average salary varies very little between Ramblewood, PA, and this top ten city, at 13%. If you want to find a good location and a good salary, factor in a lower cost of living.

It’s a centuries-old skill that involves making guns. It is widely accepted that gun smithing dates back thousands of years to China. A gunsmith’s responsibilities include firearm maintenance, repair, and enhancement. They can work with any firearm, whether it’s a handgun, a rifle, or a shotguns. One of the primary responsibilities of a gunsmith is to write a written appraisal. Law enforcement agencies and firearms dealers frequently use this service. A written appraisal, in addition to determining a firearm’s fair market value, can be used to make a purchase. They are in charge of ensuring that firearms are sold at a fair price. The field is also known as a gunsmith’s field strip, with clean firearms available. The goal of this process is to remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris from the gun. It is critical to keep a firearm in good working order by cleaning it. Deep cleaning of gun equipment is another job that gunsmiths frequently perform. Cleaning the barrel, action, and other parts of the firearm is an important part of this process. These components should be cleaned in order for them to function properly. Double barrel shotguns are also possible to have deep cleaning done by hand by a gunsmith. To perform this task, both barrels of the firearm must be cleaned. In most cases, this is required to ensure that shotguns can function properly. Despite the fact that gunsmithing is not the most popular profession, it is still important to have the proper functioning of firearms. Another job that can be performed with a gun.

How To Become A Gunsmith

Becoming a gunsmith can be a very rewarding career. As a gunsmith, you will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of firearms. In order to become a gunsmith, you will need to complete a firearms training program. There are a number of firearms training programs available, so you will need to research which one is right for you. Once you have completed a firearms training program, you will need to obtain a gunsmith license.

A firearms maker is someone who builds, repairs, and customizes firearms like pistols, rifles, and shotguns. They can disassemble, clean, inspect, and reassemble firearms in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, gunsmiths must be proficient in welding, carving, and working with tools such as lathes and mills. Several schools across the country offer firearms training programs. In the United States, a gunsmith earns an hourly wage of $14, according to The American Firearms Trade Bureau requires that gunsmiths meet their bookkeeping requirements. Some people pursue a career in gunwork after completing military training or working as a machine operator.

According to FBI background check applications, gun sales have increased at a rapid rate in recent years. As a result of this increase in sales, gun manufacturers are increasing hiring to meet demand. If you’re a new gunsmith, you can get work as a gun manufacturer, sporting goods store employee, or on an independent basis.

How Much Do Gunsmiths Make In Texas

The average gunsmith in Texas makes $37,500 per year. However, wages can range from $25,000 to $50,000 per year, depending on experience and location.

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As of October 27, 2022, the average Gunsmith salary in Houston, TX was $47,192. Salary ranges typically range between $41,428 and $53,562. A gunsmith, for example, repairs, modifies, and builds firearms. An armorer, on the other hand, only replaces worn parts in standard firearms. Houston is home to a total of 627 square miles (1,620 km2). Because of its location on the Gulf coastal plain, Houston’s vegetation is classified as temperate grassland and forest. In 2010, the average salary for a Gunsmith was $47,192, with a starting salary ranging from $41,429 to $53,562.


Is gunsmith a good career choice? ›

Gunsmiths have lots of employment opportunities

These positions are often best for those who have strong customer service skills, as well as a passion for talking about a variety of firearms. For those who want to be their own boss, gunsmithing can also offer the opportunity to start your own business in the field.

What are the benefits of being a gunsmith? ›

Pros of Being a Gunsmith
  • One: Become a Safer Shooter. ...
  • Two: Be Part of a Historic Trade. ...
  • Three: Excellent Flexibility. ...
  • Four: Rewarding Occupation. ...
  • Five: Work with Many Weapon Types. ...
  • Six: You Will Understand Firearms. ...
  • Seven: Your Hobby Could Become a Career. ...
  • One: Age Requirement.
Feb 16, 2022

Can you make a good living as a gunsmith? ›

Based on the latest jobs data nationwide, Gunsmith's can make an average annual salary of $41,120, or $20 per hour. This makes it an Above Average Salary. On the lower end, they can make $28,360 or $14 per hour, perhaps when just starting out or based on the state you live in.

What do you need to know before becoming a gunsmith? ›

Gunsmiths must know how to read blueprints, and some work with computer-aided design software as well. Gunsmiths must also know how to weld, carve, and work with tools like lathes and mills.

Can gunsmiths make a lot of money? ›

Gunsmiths in the U.S. can earn more than the national median pay, depending on where they live. For example, a New York gunsmith can win $85,000, while states such as Texas, Pennsylvania, and Montana offer annual salaries between $61,000 and $79,000.

What is a fact about gunsmith? ›

Gunsmiths were generally gun makers who repaired their own weapons for their customers. These gunmakers came to the American colonies along with other craftsmen from England, and later from Germany and Switzerland. These were countries with long histories of gun making.

What special is gunsmith? ›

Gunsmith is an early-game Intelligence Perk Card unlocks at level 11 with 5 Ranks. Each rank of Gunsmith has the following effects: Rank 1: Guns break 10% slower, and you can now craft Tier 1 guns (Plans required). Rank 2: Guns break 20% slower, and you can now craft Tier 2 guns (Plans required).

What is the job outlook for a gunsmith? ›

Salaries have increased 10% for gunsmiths in the last 5 years. Projected job growth for gunsmiths is -8% from 2018-2028. There are over 4,516 gunsmiths currently employed in the United States.

Why is it called a gunsmith? ›

Gunsmiths were generally gun makers who repaired their own weapons for their customers. These gunmakers came to the American colonies along with other craftsmen from England, and later from Germany and Switzerland. These were countries with long histories of gun making.

What skills did a gunsmith need? ›

Soldering, welding, grinding, filing and polishing of firearms are all necessary skills to know as a Gunsmith. Physical strength and easy hand/finger dexterity is a must, as well as, strong mechanical skills, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Excellent customer service is a must in the field of gunsmithing.

How many years is gunsmithing? ›

Many vocational schools offer a certificate program in gunsmithing which can be completed in as little as six months. Community colleges provide associate degree programs; these degree programs tend to be more comprehensive and usually take one to two years to complete.

Is gunsmithing a hobby? ›

Gunsmithing is a unique hobby—it ignites curiosity and gives the user a sense of accomplishment when they have achieved their goal. There is also an outdoor element to this hobby, as once the gun is built, it has to be tested in the open, whether that is at a shooting range or on a hunt.

How many gunsmiths are in the US? ›

There are over 4,516 gunsmiths currently employed in the United States. 2.2% of all gunsmiths are women, while 97.8% are men.

What is a master gunsmith? ›

A Master Gunsmith. Takes on tasks like extractors, lowers, reloading, fire control groups, and some complex repair work. Mid-level tools such as taps, dies, files and an drill press are used by this level gunsmith. A Journeyman Gunsmith.

What degree do you need for gunsmith? ›

Typically, the most popular choice for an education in gunsmithing is to earn a professional certificate. Your second option is to earn an associate degree, however, this path would require other core classes, such as those in liberal arts, to obtain a college degree.

Which state pays gunsmiths the most? ›

Highest paying cities for Gunsmiths near United States
  • Katy, TX. $23.05 per hour. 20 salaries reported.
  • Phoenix, AZ. $22.76 per hour. 5 salaries reported.
  • Mesa, AZ. $20.66 per hour. 8 salaries reported.
  • Tyler, TX. $19.12 per hour. 9 salaries reported.
  • Houston, TX. $18.21 per hour. 6 salaries reported.
  • Show more nearby cities.
May 2, 2023

Do gunsmiths use math? ›

Required Skills

Gunsmiths must have expert knowledge of how guns operate and of firearm safety. Knowledge of technical math and algebra is also helpful. Clients often come to gunsmiths with specific requests.

How much do Glock gunsmiths make? ›

Glock Armorer Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$49,000$4,083
75th Percentile$38,000$3,166
25th Percentile$30,500$2,541

Who is the best gunsmith in history? ›

Greatest Gunsmiths: John Moses Browning
  • Early Life and Work. John Moses Browning was born in Ogden, Utah in 1855. ...
  • The . 45 ACP and 1911. ...
  • Later Years and Death. Ever the inventor, Browning always strove to improve his designs.
Nov 23, 2021

Can a gunsmith fix a broken gun? ›

Gunsmithing is the art of repairing, modifying, designing, or building guns. Whether you need to repair a broken firearm, want to improve a gun's aesthetics, need something as basic as a cleaning and test fire, or you're looking to blue a firearm, a gunsmith can do it all!

What is a gunsmith called? ›

Traditionally, the armurier, or gunsmith, was a person who made or sold weapons. Because of its complex firing mechanism, the fabrication of a firearm required the cooperation of different trades. To shape the pieces of the weapon, many craftsmen united their knowledge and their efforts.

What is a gunsmith explained? ›

The Gunsmith is a submenu dedicated to weapon attachments, camos, and attachment tuning. All players unlock the Gunsmith at rank four, although weapon attachments are unlocked through certain weapon trees (explained later).

What is the new definition of gunsmith? ›

: one who designs, makes, or repairs small firearms. gunsmithing.

What career makes weapons? ›

A weapon engineer is a professional who designs weapons and artillery. They use their knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering to develop new systems and tools for different divisions of the military and private-sector companies.

Are gunsmiths still around? ›

Gunsmithing is an old tradition with a long history in the U.S. Nowadays, most gunsmiths work in gun shops, where they fix broken guns that customers bring in, or they run their own gun shops, often specializing in certain types of firearms.

How much does a gunsmith charge for a trigger job? ›

Trigger Job – Single Action Revolver$95
Semi-auto trigger work – Single Action$90
Semi-auto trigger work – Double Action$150
Aftermarket Trigger Install***$45
Fit new barrel bushing on 1911 (Labor)$70
35 more rows

When did gunsmithing start? ›

Thus, around the mid-1400s, gunsmith guilds began to form. Among the first of those groups was one that originated in Suhl, Germany, in 1463. Of course, being a gunsmith in those years demanded tremendous patience and knowledge.

What kind of engineering is gunsmithing? ›

Because firearms engineers are a subset of mechanical engineers, becoming a firearm engineer typically involves attaining a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and gaining additional education and experience in firearms.

What is the difference between gunsmithing and manufacturing? ›

Gunsmiths do not perform the machining or other manufacturing processes to create frames or receivers, or make them suitable for use in assembling a weapon that can expel a projectile.

Is a gunsmith an engineer? ›

A gunsmith is , a machinist ,cabinet maker,mechanic, an inventor, someone with a passion for precision and beauty in their work. They have a love of making things and solving problems,but they are not engineers.

Will a gunsmith clean your gun? ›

A gunsmith will check all springs, lubrication, and parts to ensure that all have plenty of life left in them. As well as provide a deep cleaning to the gun itself, since residue not only builds up on the exterior of your weapon but extended use causes grit to build up inside as well.

What is gun hobby called? ›

Shooting sports is a group of competitive and recreational sporting activities involving proficiency tests of accuracy, precision and speed in shooting — the art of using ranged weapons, mainly small arms (firearms and airguns, in forms such as handguns, rifles and shotguns) and bows/crossbows.

What products do gunsmiths make? ›

A Gunsmith maintains, repairs and rebuilds firearms and firearm parts. Gunsmiths can have additional titles, such as a custom gun builder, finisher, pistol gunsmith or stock maker, and may specialize in certain firearm types, such as pistols or antique guns.

Does the army have gunsmiths? ›

The unit makes or customizes small arms and ammunition through the Custom Firearms Shop, with gunsmiths, machinists, range technicians and ammunition loaders.

Is there a gunsmith in the army? ›

How much does a Gunsmith make at U.S. Army in the United States? Average U.S. Army Gunsmith hourly pay in the United States is approximately $26.93, which is 52% above the national average.

How much do gun maker make? ›

Firearm Manufacturing Jobs by Salary
Job TitleRangeAverage
Production Manager, ManufacturingRange:$70k - $84kAverage:$75,394
Operations ManagerRange:$60k - $80kAverage:$70,000
GunsmithRange:$31k - $46kAverage:$41,091
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)Range:$51k - $99kAverage:$79,851
3 more rows
Apr 1, 2023

Can a gunsmith make a new gun? ›

In addition to repairing guns, they may also build custom firearms to meet the specific needs of their clients. Whether you're a hunter looking for a new rifle or a shooting enthusiast seeking to improve your accuracy, a gunsmith can help you achieve your goals.

What is gunsmith selling? ›

Sure, he offers bounties, upgrade materials, weapon mods, and a rotating selection of weapons, just like Xûr. His weapons and rolls are completely random, and every now and then, he happens to sell some of the best weapons in the game.

Can gunsmith make full auto? ›

It's actually easier to make a fully automatic weapon than a semiautomatic and it doesn't take a gunsmith. The legendary British STEN was designed to be made in a bicycle shop. A gunsmith can make any gun ever made given a well equipped shop. Why are new full auto firearms banned after 1986?

Do gunsmiths check serial numbers? ›

a gunsmiths job is to repair, modify or check over a gun to make sure it's in proper working condition to maintenance a gun into working condition or make the proper modifications that's all. No. The same way an appliance repair person does not check to see if your dishwasher has been stolen.

What level do you have to be to do gunsmith part 16? ›

60 Durability. 40 or greater ergonomics. 400 or less recoil. 2,000 or greater sighting range.

Is there a market for gunsmiths? ›

Gunsmith Projected Growth In The United States

Projected job growth for gunsmiths is -8% from 2018-2028. There are over 4,516 gunsmiths currently employed in the United States. There are 11,589 active gunsmith job openings in the US based on job postings. The average salary for a gunsmith is $44,684.

Where do gunsmiths make the most money? ›

Highest paying cities for Gunsmiths near United States
  • Katy, TX. $23.05 per hour. 20 salaries reported.
  • Phoenix, AZ. $22.76 per hour. 5 salaries reported.
  • Mesa, AZ. $20.66 per hour. 8 salaries reported.
  • Tyler, TX. $19.12 per hour. 9 salaries reported.
  • Houston, TX. $18.21 per hour. 6 salaries reported.
  • Show more nearby cities.
May 2, 2023

What industry is a gunsmith? ›

The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies gunsmiths as metal and plastic machine workers.

How many gunsmiths are in the USA? ›

There are over 4,516 gunsmiths currently employed in the United States. 2.2% of all gunsmiths are women, while 97.8% are men.

What are gunsmith tools? ›

Gunsmithing Tools. Wrenches & Screwdrivers. Vises, Clamps & Blocks. Hammer & Punch.


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